«Disali» elite European brand of handmade jewelry.

Products of the brand «Disali» executed in various techniques, from precious, semi-precious and natural stones, pearls, mother of pearl, Italian fittings, Czech crystal and other materials.

Designer brand «Disali» Natalia Gutmann - world level, the winner of national and international competitions beading. Personal exhibition of designer Natalia Rempel products are in many countries, some of her work has not once been represented in well-known museums in Europe.

Brand «Disali» is a new name in the industry of beauty and style, which took its origin in the personal brand designer Natalie Gutmann - VipDiseiN. Today «Disali»-known European brand, assotsiiruschiysya with luxury, exclusivity and high quality.

The team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, operators brand «Disali» hold regular photo shoots, video DJ sets and the face of the brand to other product models Natalia Gutmann . «Disali» takes an active part in fashion shows and beauty contests clothing, providing their product models.

«Disali» is an exclusive tasteful in front of which is difficult to resist that confirms the brand thousands of enthusiastic customers. European brand «Disali» is unique masterpieces exclusively handmade German designer Natalia Gutmann

«Disali» This is a true luxury and impeccable workmanship.

Your Natalia Gutmann